Как навсегда разбанить забаненный БМ

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Всем общий ахой! Подоспело свежее видео по тематике FB от азиатских друзей из ProAds. На этот раз любопытные энтузиасты нашли способ разблокировки БМов. Метод заключается в переводе заблокированного БМа в профиль, где уже подано на доки и все апрувнуто.

В процессе схемы используются подготовленные шаблоны для подачи на разбан. Прикладываем часть из них ниже под видео.

Hello, Facebook I was informed that my ad account had been disabled due to a Policy violation. My ad account should be enabled again as soon as possible. I hope this was a mistake
Greetings, Facebook My advertising account was unexpectedly disabled because I didn't adhere to Facebook's advertising policies. Since I always followed your rules and procedures, I genuinely think that this was an error. I'm hoping you'll check at my ad account more carefully and revive it as soon as you can. I appreciate you.
Hello there As soon as I checked my account, I received the undesired warning that a policy violation had been detected. I don't comprehend the reason. Can you give me a thorough explanation? I was surprised by this as I followed all the guidelines. I'm merely spreading the word about popular topics and current events that are available online across numerous platforms. I think I made a mistake. Please do check it out and unblock my ad account so I can keep working. Regards.
Hello Facebook, I don't know why my Business page was close down. I've never broken any rules, and my page ads have never been initially rejected. Please take a look at this, thank you.
Hello, Facebook! I just got a bad message that my account was shut down because I didn't follow Facebook's rules for advertising. I don't know what I did wrong. Could you please tell me? I promise this won't happen again. Appreciate you so much in advance.

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